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PIEN is a Dutch singer-songwriter who lives in London. In her music, you can find every inch of her soul. She’s an authentic performer with open and honest, sometimes confronting, lyrics and catchy melodies. Her music is part of the dream-pop genre with influences from other music genres like americana/country and indie-pop/rock. One of the things you’ll notice about her is her authentic presence, creativity and strength. You’ll find these traits in the way she talks (full of passion and enthusiasm), the way she dresses, her ‘old soul’ energy and the way she performs her music. It’s a mixture of raw, intuitive movements and total surrender to the moment. Her songs embody creativity and artistry. 

You wouldn’t run into someone like PIEN and forgetting her is impossible, that’s the mark she’ll leave you.

BBC Introducing (NE & Yorkshire) played the song ‘I see sound’ (in collaboration with SYNGERGY OFFICIAL) on their show. Her single ‘WTF’ has over 19,000 streams on Spotify and she’s working on her new EP, which will be released in 2025. Music blogs like CLOUT and HAPPY MAGAZINE describe her music as nuanced, authentic and enchanting.

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Besides my original music, I'm a trained singer in genres like musical theatre, jazz, pop, rock & 'Klein-Kunst' (Dutch music genre).

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Watch my singing reels below:

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